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July 31, 2009


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What an interesting story. Thanks for sharing. I, too, was interested in why they didn't donate the toys but it makes sense that after sitting out for several days they wouldn't be in good shape.

Amy @ The Q Family

Very interesting to know.


Very interesting. What a nice place for people to stop by and remember.


Motown and Michael it's good to see they did something for him. And it looks like it is set in a tranquil area as well.

jessie voigts

really cool! i had no idea that they were doing this.


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

marina villatoro

good question, what does happen to all those flowers, toys, donations??? I actually wondered the same about Princess Di's flowers and photos.

i'm still in shock that he's dead though


Jen-It seemed like such a bizarre solution when I first heard they buried the items, but I guess it makes sense in some strange way!

Sharlene and Cate-the cemetery really is a nice spot, and we're want to go back to find some of the well-known folks buried there. Rosa Parks is in a nice mausoleum not too far from this headstone, and there are quite a few other interesting people at Woodlawn.

Jessie-We didn't know about the plans until Tim saw it on the television news and told me...knowing it was just the sort of blog fodder I'd be all over!

Marina-I always wondered what happened to toys and other gifts left at such memorials. I suspect much of it ends up trashed as those things usually spend quite a bit of time out in the weather before someone thinks about disposing of them. This was certainly a novel idea, but given the depth of feeling I saw people expressing out at the Motown Museum in the wake of MJ's death...it seems like it gives respect to their expressions of grief.
Yeah, Micheal's death was pretty shocking in one sense...but he looked so frail the last few times I saw photos of him that it isn't all that surprising in some ways.

Have Baby Will Travel

The concept of burying the memorial items is interesting, but the funeral procession and headstone seem a little macabre. I guess a statue would take too long.

A fascinating read nonetheless - thanks for posting!


Have Baby-
The whole story was strange enough to me that I couldn't resist telling it!
The original makeshift memorial at the Motown museum seemed heartfelt enough...but the cynic in us wonders about the motivation behind staging the burial. I'd be interested to find out how much other plots near the memorial cost before its installation...and how much those plots cost now. We heard that the price for places in the area near Rosa Parks' final resting place at Woodlawn skyrocketed after Mrs. Parks' placement there.


WOW--I am a major MJ fan. My initial reaction was oh--that's a bit odd. However the more I think on it. The more it makes sense and it is a nice memorial gesture for a wonderful man. It is also a lot better then throwing the gifts out as they were left in love.


TaRaysha-It did strike me as strange as well, but I guess it really does make some sort of sense in the end. The feeling for MJ was quite strong here in the Detroit area, and he had a lot of devoted fans here. I don't know if many of them visit the memorial site, but it is in a nice serene area--a respectful enough way to honor MJ's memory.


Love the idea. At least there's marked headstone somewhere.

Dominique King

Judging from the amount of readers I continue to get for this story, I'm guessing it may be one of the only formal headstones around.

Lisa Trudell

Wow, that's interesting. I had no idea about these stuffed toys being buried. Thanks for sharing the story.

Dominique King

Lisa-I love the strange and unexpected stories like this one. It does seem like a nice way to honor the man, though.

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