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July 10, 2009


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Super fun, couldn't count how many hoops the girl is working. I can't even make one hoop work properly.


What a fun looking event!


Great shots! That looks like a lot of fun! We love to head to the festivals!


Fun! Makes me wanna hoola hoop, too!


Can't wait for the Festival! The hoop dancers are amazing and Don Was is nothing short of a genius.

marina villatoro

you need to become the spokesperson for Detroit, because every time I read a post, I just want to get my butt over there:)


Cate-The hoop dancers, some of them quite young, were amazing. Some of them looked like they had more than a dozen hoops interlaced around their arms and torsos by the time they finished dancing.

Angie-We really look forward to this festival every summer. There's always something new, and we usually seem to end up with some new CDs to take home.

Jen-The festival is fun, and the music is really amazing.

Wander-I'd be lucky to get the hoop to go one revolution around me :P

Tim-Can't wait to see Was' Super Session II this year!

Marina-From your lips to someone's ears!?! We do have a lot of great events and things in Detroit..as well as the rest of Michigan and the Midwest in general. One of the reasons I started blogging about our region is that I wasn't seeing a lot else out there about us when it came to travel blogs.
You'd love a lot of the festivals here. Concert of Colors is one of our favorites because of the eclectic variety of music.

Amy @ The Q Family

This looks like a fun festival!


Amy-We love this festival. Lots of great music, and there was plenty of fun for kids, too!

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