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July 24, 2009


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Amy @ The Q Family

What a great picture of day and night shot!


This looks pretty darn refreshing. I'm in SLC where it's close to 100 degrees. Hope you all are enjoying Chicaaaago!

Bridget Smith

I'm heading there this fall! Can hardly wait to see this beautiful city.

marina villatoro

Hope you have a great time at the conventions. Can't wait to read all about your experiences!


Amy-I was amazed at how well these shots came out...shooting through the window as I did.

Wanderluster-hot and humid in Chicago about now, too...although nothing like your 100 degrees! Chicago is a great town-so much to do!

Bridget-I'll be fall would be a nice time in Chicago...not too hot, but not the bone-chilling November weather we've experienced in the past.

Marina-Conventions were great! I think I'll blog about both once my scheduled posts have run their course. Plus, I have a ton of Chicago stories and photos I plan to post over the next few months.


So great to meet you at TBEX! You should definitely come back here in the EARLY fall. The weather is amazing. :)

Becks Davis

I lived in Chicago for 7 years and it broke my heart to leave the city. However, I don't miss the Chicago winters.


Carrie-We were thinking the weather would be great in early fall or in late May. One of these years we'll get there at the right time!
Meanwhile, we've had a great time this trip. I've got plenty of photos and stories to last me well into the fall/winter from this trip.

Becks-Chicago's downtown is certainly different from Detroit. So many people and so much going on 24/7.
The architectural history here is just amazing...but the tall buildings all around really magnify the city sounds. The winter seems pretty rugged in Chicago, but summer heat in the city can be pretty brutal as well. We've had great times when we've visited in November--and this summer trip has been great, too.

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