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June 26, 2009


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Fun pictures! Day Out with Thomas is expensive and crowded, in my mind, so we've never taken the kids. We would do exactly the same thing you did--visit the quiet area while everyone else is busy with Thomas.


My son would be in heaven here! One of his favorite travel memories is the steam engine at Dollywood on a Gatlinburg trip!


Cute pictures of Thomas!

Amy @ The Q Family

We did Thomas Day Out a couple years ago in Tennessee. My son had a blast. It was a cool day trip for any boys. :)

marina villatoro

Ohmygod, a real tomas the train! My son would be dying right there:)
Photo Friday - Manaul Antonio-Costa Rica's Gem


I'm right there on that train. Call it the child in me. Thanks for this post.


Thomas! I hate to admit it, but I've been on the Thomas train every year for the past five years when it comes to the redwoods in Santa Cruz mountains. What's funny is the music blaring out the train as you go through this peaceful forest. What I do for my train-loving little dude. (Though, I hope this is the year he outgrows it!)


As a nineteenth century history addict, I would love to ride a steam-engine train. That looks like so much fun.


Linda-The Day Out... program did look like an expensive proposition for families, between admissions/tickets, food and the (of course) special Thomas souvenir stand! We thought the village was going to be crowded, but the rest of the village beyond the Thomas activities was pretty serene that day :)

Jen-Trains and kids seem to be a good match...kids seem fascinated by them.

Kymri-The train was cute, and the kids were definitely all about it!

Amy-Everyone waiting for Thomas seemed pretty excited, and it was a big day out for them.

Marina-I saw these photos when I was looking through my collection for a likely Photo Friday subject and figured some of the regulars would enjoy seeing them :)

Cate-We didn't know it was Thomas day when we decided to go to the village that morning...but the families there had ordered their tickets quite a bit in advance. It was quite the event.

Carolina-I don't remember hearing the music, but I did have my own little Thomas song that I was singing and driving @photowanderer nuts with that day! :lol:

Gypsy-I think you'd love the entire Greenfield Village. Lots of restored 19th century buildings--many of them associated with famous folks of the era. The village has a regular steam engine ride the rest of the season, horse-drawn carriage rides, music concerts, a tavern where you have a meal served by costumed characters, special programs like Civil War reenactments...if you're ever near Detroit, you need to include Greenfield Village on your schedule!


I'll need to forward this post to the many children I know who are Thomas lovers. Boy, that train is so popular and well traveled, such a hit!


Lorraine-Thomas certainly seems to have a lot of fans here in the Detroit area!

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