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June 12, 2009


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Bridget Smith

Wow, Dominique this post really blew me away. I love how you took the diner and gave it such a rich back story for the post. It made it really fun to read.

My grandfather's cousin was Henry Ford, something that my son is very proud of. I don't know when we'll be in Michigan, but if we are we will have to make it to this Museum.


Nice shots, would love to visit this diner. I like your story giving this old place some character and context.


I'm a sucker for these old diners. I visited a beautiful one years ago in New York, on the lower east side, which had been found and restored. It's a great story.


Bridget-Thanks! I loved the back story of the diner and wanted to share it. I've always loved visiting the diner in the museum, and a docent was there during our last visit telling the story of the Lamys and their diner.
The museum is something you definitely want to see. Greenfield Village is great as well, but you really do have to allow a couple of days to see both the museum and the village.

Cate-The story really did seem to personalize that particular piece of history for me, too.

Victoria-I've never been able to visit a diner car in operation. I'd love that!


Docent tours as the best -- you learn so much of the story behind each exhibit that you wouldn't have known otherwise. I can't believe they recreated a diner inside the museum. Totally awesome, but yea, they should maybe relocate that McDonalds!


amida-I do like it when you are lucky enough to visit a site when a good docent is on duty. We stayed to chat for a good bit with the docent in the diner during our last visit. He was well-versed in the diner's lore and it was fun to talk with him.

Becks Davis

Very cool pictures! I didn't know The Henry Ford had this exhibit, we really need to go there soon.

My husband, who is English, has remarked a few times that he hasn't yet seen this kind of diner in person. It seems the Europeans think they still exist everywhere!


Becks-You should take Andy to The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. I've always loved the Automobile in American Life exhibit at the museum, and they've got the Rock Stars' Cars & Guitars 2 show at the museum now.
Favorites in the Village include the Cotswold Cottage and gardens...and a meal at the Eagle Tavern if I'm feeling flush.

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