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May 26, 2009


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Becks Davis

I can't wait to take my husband Up North for the first time. I'm thinking Sleeping Bear Dunes.

However, I think of Up North as anywhere that is at least 2 hours north!


I have never been to Michigan, so I wouldn't have a clue about walking in the woods w/out a neon sign. Thanks so much for the tip! :)
So here in California, going Up North, usually means there will be more tye-dye, forest, cold, and liberal politics.
I like going Up North too.


Becks-We love the Sleeping Bear Dunes area. We'd love to have a place up there, and we've visited pretty much at least once a year for eons. I've got a lot of photos and stories from the area and expect to post quite a bit about the area on Midwest Guest this summer.

Carolina-Yup, walking in the woods in the fall can be a bit on the hazardous side in some areas. There is a bit of the hippy-dippy feel in northern Michigan as well...not like northern CA I'd imagine, though!


Great post!

I like to live by the stats. Split the state into thirds. A southern, central, and northern region. Taking this into mind I believe Traverse City is still CENTRAL Michigan, not Northern.


I grew up with the idea of M-46 as the division and that the U.P. was a whole 'nother thing!
But I still really think "Up North" is a state of mind for me rather than any specific demarcation line :)

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