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May 01, 2009


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Jessie Voigts

what fun, dominique! i love the yellows behind the statue. great shot!

marina villatoro

I love the color contrast the gray with the bright yellow! Beautiful shot.
Photo Friday - Cano Island - The Truth Revealed


Jessie-I'd forgotten about this springtime shot until I was looking through my photos to try to decide the topics for my next few blog posts.
This cat is in a nice little park right by the falls in downtown Chagrin Falls. Cute town and nice spot for taking photos.

Marina-Thanks! I'm glad I found this shot as it looks so nice and spring-like. Just the thing after a dreary winter!


This shot does have beautiful colors in it. While I'm not a cat person, I can appreciate that statue.

Amy @ The Q Family

Love the yellow background. Great shot!


Carolina-I have to admit that I'm not a cat person, either...but I loved the statue backed by the bright yellow forsythia.

Amy-Thanks! The yellow makes it such a cheery photo, I think.


Agreed with all comments. I'm enjoying this photo, the colors, contrast, and even the look in the cat's eye. Thanks for sharing!


Lorraine-Yeah, he does look like a sassy cat :)

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