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May 29, 2009


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Bridget Smith

My kids would absolutely love to ride in these! I have fond memories of the paddle boats in Golden Gate Park, but these are much more attractive!

marina villatoro

Hi, what a gorgeous swan ride. Can you believe there are no swans in Costa Rica. Really, I've never seen a real one here, just a bunch of angry geese:)

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Jessie Voigts

what fun!! i like these swans better!


Funny story about the mute swans. Ya can't get more mute than these, eh?


Yep, these were so cute I made photowanderer stop the car and turn around so I could take the snaps. The photos aren't art, but the little boats were pretty unique, so I wanted to share.

Marina-We've got plenty of geese and mute swans around here...and I think the swans may be the more cantankerous of the two :)

Jessie-I couldn't resist turning around to get these photos. It looked like a lot of fun!

Wanderluster-Yup, these were pretty well behaved swans! We always laugh about the "outdoor writers" who didn't know enough not to feed the swans.

Angela K. Nickerson

Oh, thanks for posting this link! What a great story... so glad you made it out alive! LOL


Angela-I had to tell the story once I took these photos and decided to use them for a Photo Friday :)
You notice we weren't fool enough to go out and feed the swans, and our cabin was up the hill a little way from the swan action at the supposed outdoor writers' cabin. We didn't think too much of their outdoor "expertise"! :lol:

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