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May 22, 2009


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This was a great exhibit. I want Janis Joplin's Porsche! Or Maybe that Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Baby :)


What a fun exhibit!

Jessie Voigts

HOW cool is this?? i love that you took such great photos to share with us.thanks!


This reminds me of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles - very cool.

marina villatoro

Detroit comes thru again. What a fun exhibit. It's kind of like the rock and roll hall of fame, but the rockers cars!

Photo Friday - Guatemala Zoo will surprise you!


Great photo and fab exhibit! I was born not too far from Dearborn, so brings back lots of fond memories!


Was this an updated exhibit from the one at the Henry Ford in 2007?

That one had Rick Neilson's guitars, one of ZZ Top's Hudson, et all; Elton Johns' Bentley's and Ted Nugent's Ford Explorer. The Explorer looked like it had many off-road excursions: Cardboard on the HF floor underneith the oil pan.


Tim-Guess we'll have to fight over that Alice Cooper ride, although I really did think that James Hetfield car was pretty fine!

Lucia-It was a fun show...especially being there the day they had live music at the museum.

Jessie-We saw the show advertised and knew we had to go see it. I'm glad I had two places to post photos as I had enough decent ones to do so.


Mara-I've heard of the Petersen Museum, but we haven't gotten out there yet. Both of us do enjoy visiting a good car museum. We recently visited the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Indiana...so I plan to blog about that before summer is out.

Marina-The show did remind me a bit of Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum. It was fun to see the rockers' cars and to see film clips of some of the cars in music videos.

SoulTravelers3-We have memberships in The Henry Ford, so we do get out there several times a year. The permanent car exhibits there are always fun, too.

Jimmy-Yes, this was an update of the earlier show (mentioned that over in my Urbane story about this exhibit). We missed the earlier show, so we really wanted to make sure we saw this one. I saw one of Ted's guitars there, but no Explorer...sounds like that was one of Terrible Ted's hunting vehicles!

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