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May 15, 2009


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Beth Whitman

That top photo looks so relaxing!


I love the owls!


How is it that you always find such cozy corners of the world, and photograph them so peacefully? Makes me want to hang out with the owl for the afternoon with a good book.

marina villatoro

What a lovely place. You can tell how much love was put into it!

Photo Friday - Costa Rica Independence Day


There's a lovely wooden owl statue down our road too - it sounds a very tranquil place.



Beth-The entire home and garden site were pretty serene. It was a quiet morning, and we pretty much had the gardens to ourselves that day.

Caitlin-I had to make Tim stop the car so I could get out and take photos of those owls because I thought they were so cool!

Lorraine-the house had a great porch across the entire front of the building with a great view of the lake...plus there were several benches set around the garden...all would make great places to curl up with a good book :)

Marina-Gene did see the house as a real retreat from her increasingly hectic life. As her novels became more and more popular, it became even more important for her to find a quiet place away from the city to write and do her nature studies.

Heather-I've been down to the house several times, and it's always been a pretty tranquil place to visit. We had just six folks on the house tour this last visit, but Tim and I had a tour all by ourselves one year. You're also free to wander the gardens as long as you like.
The last time we were there, an older gentleman was showing the tour guide some photos of his Boy Scout camping trips in the area during the 1930s. It looked like an idyllic place then, too.

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