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April 21, 2009


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Eric Brown

Hey Dominique Great Post
We are Lake Erie boaters, and Sandusky has some great Port o Calls too.

We took our boat from Monroe MI to Cleveland a few years ago, and stopped at Sandusky for the night, and had a great time there.


Makes me wanna travel there. I can never hear Sandusky without thinking of Doris Day. :)

Thanks for stopping by my crazy blog via the Zombie Chickens award.


Oh, that library looks gorgeous!

This part made me laugh: "I quickly noticed a pattern developing as I approached Taylor, Polk and Tyler Streets and headed towards Adams Street." :)


Eric-I'm going to have to ask you where else to check out in Sandusky. I want to take Tim back this summer on a photo-taking trip. We've been out to Marblehead (the lighthouse and Cheese Haven out there near Port Clinton) quite a few times, but I hadn't really gone into Sandusky before.
You see why I went to see the library? My love of cool architecture and imaginative renovations :)

Angie-I didn't realize the Doris Day connection until I saw it on Wiki, although I vaguely remember the Micky Dolenz connection!
Glad the chickens didn't keep you away.

Gypsy-It is a gorgeous building and worth the detour I took into town to see it.
I don't remember exactly at which point I noticed the presidential roll call with the streets. Most of them were there from Grant on back, with a few big ones like Lincoln missing (I keep meaning to look at the map and see where Lincoln might have been...he wasn't in order with the rest of them).


Libraries and history together? Adding it to my list . . .


Linda-The library was a beautiful building, and the history blog is definitely an interesting read.


Sandusky is such a great place to visit.

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