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April 03, 2009


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Very cool ants! My kids would love to see these.

Beth Whitman

I love Ann Arbor for it's quirkiness and creativity like this mural.


Nice find. Eerie. Haven't been to Ann Arbor, yet. Definitely on the list. Love college towns.


That is great! I found this gorgeous tile art in underneath an overpass in Washington DC awhile back. It was so surprising because everything was so gross and then all of the sudden there were these elaborate bright designs!


That's fun!


The first thing that came to mind when I saw these cool photos, was the ant song I use to sing with my first graders. I love street art like this, murals, they always take you out of your everyday life a little bit.


Lucia-Yes, I'd think kids would love some of the alley art around downtown Ann Arbor. These ants struck me as particularly cool.

Beth-We're lucky we live only an hour away from Ann Arbor as there are so many great, quirky places to go, things to do and places to eat!

Gennaro-Ann Arbor is a cool college town. Lots of great indie book stores and the University of Michigan has several nice little museums, in addition to the larger Museum of Art.

Jen-Don't you love finding these little hidden gems in the middle of a sometimes grimy city street? There are several spots around downtown Ann Arbor where I've found some cool public art like this.

Linda-The ants were kind of fun...as long as they stay on this wall and don't appear in my house!!

Carolina-Was that the rubber tree-ant song? When I spotted this, I had to take the chance to snap the photo and hope it was light enough to turn out for me.

Becks Davis

Wow, I love the ants. Again, it's something else that just adds to the essence of the city. I also found this today on twitter: http://munkybizness.wordpress.com/2009/05/22/alley-art/#comment-242

I'll have to find out where these alleys are for my next outing to Ann Arbor.


Becks-I was so pleased there was enough light for the photos to turn out for me. Thanks for the link to the other post...I've seen that particular alley many times over the past few years. Pretty fascinating!

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