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April 24, 2009


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Wow, that is one rickety house! It must be very popular around Halloween -- just don't sneeze.

marina villatoro

the house looks like a scared old lady with two teeth left at the bottom of her mouth. great shot!!!
Photo Friday - Banana Plantations In Action


Oouuuu, this would be a great shot at Halloween. It has a "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" look to it.

Angela K. Nickerson

I have such a weakness for houses that are falling down. They just invite stories, don't they?


Like Angela, I have a weakness for things that are disappearing. I love to take pictures and help them come back to life again in photos!


Amida-I wonder if they do anything special with the house around Halloween, but I kind of doubt that they do...because of the house's precarious condition, they discourage people from entering it.

Marina-This shot put me in mind of "the scream" or something similar, too!

Lorraine-I love these spooky shots, and I'd love to go back in October to get shots with the fall foilage.

Angela-I wondered about the story behind this house, and it made the house appear even more sad after I learned its history. Of course, you could make up your own story, too!

Jen-I think that's part of the charm of the idea behind setting this area aside as a rural historic district. It recalls a disappearing piece of northern Michigan history.


I thought the same thing -- Halloweeen! -- when I logged on and saw this photo. But my thoughts were going to a good ole fashion Jack O'Lantern. Funny how a lot of use personified it!

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