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April 10, 2009


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That is so cute.

Boston isn't burdened with snow anymore, but we do have a cold weekend ahead- I can't wait for Spring.


That's too funny!

marina villatoro

great snow rabbit. only i wouldn't want it in april!
have fun finding the eggs, it'll be easy with the snow:)
Photo Friday - Hope!


Very funny! Hoping you will get a break from the snow soon! Happy Easter!


I love it. When I got to our parent's cabin in the Sierra Nevadas for Easter weekend, we usually end up having the egg hunts in the snow. It does make it much easier to find the eggs, that's for sure.

Beth Whitman

I'm cold just looking at this. Bring on Spring!


Oh my. How will you do an easter egg hunt? But, you'll get great photos of kids all bundled in snow gear hunting for eggs, that's for sure :)

Lorraine Akemann

An Easter version of Frosty! My kids would get a kick out of this - thanks for sharing!


My husband is from southern Wisconsin and I'm from Vermont, so both of us have childhood memories of the "Snow Bunny" too. Very cute and funny pictures!


Wow! Makes me appreciate our 70 degrees today, even if it is raining. Happy Easter!

Bridget Smith

Love this guy!

Peter Carey

I don't think I've ever seen a real snow bunny! Especially not around Easter.


Susan-The snow (and the bunny) is finally gone from here as well. Hopefully that last snowfall last weekend will be the last of it for us :)

Linda-That's what Tim thought when he saw it on the way home. He mentioned it and I immediately thought it might be a light-hearted entry for photo friday...so I had him show me where it was.

Marina-Yeah, no one really wants to see a snow rabbit in April, but he was kind of cute :)


Lucia-It's a beautiful sunny day here today. The snow melted a couple of days ago...now if the ground dries up a bit, it will be perfect to get out in the park and play!

Carolina-Fortunately for the neighborhood kids, the neighborhood association had their egg hunt in the park -before- the snow hit. Although it might have been easier to spot the eggs in the snow I agree.

Beth-Ah, I'm sure that little rabbit had a warm heart. He's gone now, like Frosty...

Wandermom-they did the Easter egg hunt the weekend I was gone, so I don't know how that went. It would have been funny had there been snow, though.

Lorraine-Hope your kids liked Frosty the Bunny!


Mara-When you live in places like Michigan, Wisconsin and Vermont, you make your fun where you find it, in spite of the weather, eh? :)

Globalgal-We've yet to hit anywhere near 70-degree weather here. I think it might be around 50 here today.
Happy Easter to you, too!

Bridget-I thought he was kind of cute, too!

Peter-You never know what you'll see around here. Michigan is one of those places where they say--if you don't like the weather now, wait a bit because it's bound to change any minute!

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