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April 14, 2009


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All great Lights. I especially like the short ferry ride to the Copper Harbor Light in the old Navy Lifeboat. A fine trip.


Good list. But Lake Huron lighthouses are missing. :)

I hereby nominate Pte. Aux Barques
between Port Hope and Grindstone City as an accessible lighthouse, and gorgeous besides. And the view from the park cannot be beat.



Tim-that was a fun boat ride, wasn't it?

Sue-We've been up to Pte Aux Barques a few times, and I suspect you'll see a story about that lighthouse, and others, here at one point :)
This is why I called the list "5 Midwest lighthouses to love", instead of "best", "most scenic" or some other superlative. I think we have so many pretty lighthouses on the Great Lakes, and I can't wait to do more stories about them!


I did those Split Rock steps with four kids. We went back up the roundabout way. :-)

I like the little lighthouse in Escanaba, MI, as well.


Linda--I can only imagine the fun with four kids!
Michigan's Upper Peninsula has a lot of great lighthouses. It's been years since I was down to Escanaba, but we did a batch of the Lake Superior lights in Michigan not so long ago.
Now I'm wondering if that great Native craft store where I bought a lot of great beads is still in Escanaba...yup, looks like Noc Bay Trading Company is still around http://www.nocbay.com/


Based on what you have here, I think I like Point Betsie the best.

I must admit that I didn't realize there were so many in the Midwest.


Susan-Point Betsie is one of our favorites, too. We've gone to that area "Up North" for many years and always make time to get out to that lighthouse. I especially enjoy it when I have time to walk out a mile or so and back along the beach. It's also a favorite place for a lot of people to gather and watch the sunset in summer...almost like a party out there some nights.

Two Harbors MN

The Two Harbors light house will always and forever have a special place in my memories, my heart, my family.


Two Harbors is definitely a beautiful lighthouse! I love the North Shore area and hope we'll be able to get back up that way one of these years.

We've got so many beautiful lights here on the Great Lakes, and I thought it was a real shame when I saw the "alluring lighthouse" list that included no lighthouses from our region of the country. I can see there could be at least one sequel post to this list :)

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