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March 05, 2009


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This is my favorite exhibit at the Detroit Zoo. I'm planning a visiting the Detroit Zoo in the winter post and will link to this -- though I'm afraid my photos aren't quite this good!


I was particularly happy with my photos that day, although I shot -many- pictures to get enough decent shots to suit me.
I'm posting a few more of my polar bear pix tomorrow as part of a Photo Friday blog carnival.
I've got Urbane in my reader, so I'll be sure to read your story. Looking forward to it!


Oh, those photos are amazing.

This post reminded me of a documentary on a polar bear that I saw a few months ago. They followed one bear over the summer in Antarctica as it tried to survive where the ice is melting. It was very sad and very fascinating all at once.


I've seen clips of the polar bears struggling to survive in the Antarctica over summer.
Polar bears don't do well in temps that are too warm. Talini's mother, Barle, was in pretty rough shape by the time the circus she was with rolled into Puerto Rico. It was then that she could be rescued because PR was she was then under US jurisdiction. And she eventually ended up coming to the Detroit Zoo. The docent told us it was a real success story when Barle succeeded in becoming a mother and nurturing her cub.

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