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March 06, 2009


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Beautiful!!! I'm going to take a stab at painting the first pic. This way I can practice water.

Angela Nickerson

Oh, I have such a love for polar bears, and to see them playing... they had some at the Dallas Zoo when I was a little girl, and they always looked miserable. I am sure they are much happier in Detroit! :)


great colors!! wow!


These pictures are amazing.


they look so cute underwater, it makes you forget they're not really so cuddly. i like how you could see them so well. the polar bear at san diego zoo has this underwater viewing window too, but the times that i've gone, i never get a glimpse of it.

Peace Mitchell (Australia)

These photos are gorgeous what a magical place to take kids too!


Great pics.



AC-I've never tried painting an underwater scene! The only photo of mine I used for an art project was a lighthouse photo I used for a colored pencil class. Good luck with the blues!

Angela-The Detroit Arctic habitat certainly seems to be a better environment for the animals, especially the swimmers like the seals and bears, than the cramped quarters with a small pond that they had here before.

Jessie-I've always loved the blues you see in the tunnel, especially on a relatively sunny day.

Susan-Thanks! The exhibit is pretty amazing, I just hope my photos do it justice.

Carolina-They do look cuddly, but you do occasionally get a flash of a glimpse of their huge teeth--a reminder that they might not be so cuddly in the wild.
We only had fleeting glimpses of the bears swimming during prior visits here, so seeing them play this way was a relatively rare treat.

Peace-The kids were pretty entranced by the bears that day. I loved how excited and absorbed in the bear ballet they were as we all watched that day. Better than any video game, eh?

Jimmy-Yup, our zoo is a treasure. Detroit really does have a lot of great things going for it :)


My kids love watching polar bears swim!


Your kids would have definitely loved seeing the bears the day we were there. As you can see from these photos, the kids were pretty spellbound with the entire thing!

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