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March 27, 2009


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Fly Girl

Wild flowers and birds! What I wouldn't give to see them now. It's still cold and wet here as well. That nesting area looks full of anticipation.

Peace Mitchell (Australia)

Great macro! This looks like a great spot to explore.

Lisa Overman

Spring is coming! I used to live in the midwest, so I understand your desire to have the warm days to explore the outdoors again ;-)

Lorraine Akemann

Amazing to see the birds nesting in the tops of the trees on that last photo!


I hope it warms up soon!


Fly Girl-These photos are from last season. The park was still pretty barren and cold a few weeks ago, but I'm thinking we should start seeing signs of life like nesting birds out there before too long.

Peace-It is a great park--especially being so close to metro Detroit and heavily urban/suburban areas.

Lisa-The crocuses are finally starting to bloom in my yard, so I can finally believe spring weather may be just around the corner!

Lorraine-Spring is a great time to walk Wildwing Trail because of all of the opportunities to see the birds birds nesting...so much easier to see because the leaves are not on the trees yet.

globalgal-It looks and feels pretty nice out there today :)


Ah, spring! Great pictures!


Thanks for the inspiration! I've heard about this park and have passed it before (I'm relatively new to the area, so stop rolling your eyes out there about the guy who's never been to Kensington!) but never made it there. Now that the weather is starting to get better, will have to head out there to do some running!


Soultravelers3-Thanks for stopping by! I felt the need for a little spring here, so I posted these photos.

Brandon-Kensington is definitely a great place to walk, run, inline skate, ride bicycles, picnic, geocache and just generally chill. I like the fact that they left plenty of area undeveloped, so there is also a lot of backwoods-type areas frequented by birders and nature photographers.
You do need to make it out there at least a couple of times before your move!

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