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February 27, 2009


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These are beautiful pictures, cold, moody, perfect.


Beautiful as always, and you're right - incredibly isolated feeling.


Carolina-Thanks! It was pretty much the mood of the day...cold, moody. I hope we can get back there soon in the summer. We've managed to do a few lighthouses in winter and summer, and it's always interesting to see how different the vibe is from season to season.

Debbie-I wish we were able to get out to some of the lighthouses more often in the winter months. The photos and feeling are always so different from those sunny, summer day shots.
The real advantage to visiting in warmer months at a lot of the lights in recent years is that more and more of them seem to be offering tours of the towers as the government gives more of them over to private ownership.
I'm a big lighthouse fan, though...so it really doesn't matter to me which season I'm able to go out and visit.

Peace Mitchell (Australia)

What beautiful lighthouses!, the last one is my favourite!!

Cindy L

These are beautiful photos. Much as I hate to admit it, there is something lovely and stark (albeit, lonely) about winter on the beach in Michigan. The white buildings in the white snow are beautiful in these moody landscapes.


Peace-That last shot was one of my favorites, too!

Cindy-I've always treasured the opportunity to visit a lighthouse during the winter. We went out to Grand Haven the same weekend we took these photos, where the bright red lighthouse gave us some really great contrast in our shots (Tim shot a really nice photo of Grand Haven that he printed as a panoramic picture).

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