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February 26, 2009


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Fly Girl

I love Oscar Micheaux! He actually did most of his films in Chicago. This sounds like a really expansive museum, great post.


I'd heard of Oscar Micheaux before, although I'm not all that familiar with his movies...so it was fun to watch a good bit of the movie while we were at the museum.
There's an Oscar Micheaux bio I added to my Amazon wish list months ago, but I've yet to get a chance to get it to read.

Definitely go to the museum if you ever visit Detroit. The building is beautiful, and I really do like how they redid the core exhibit to naturally lead you through history in an organized and imaginative way.


Great post. I think you've convinced me to make this a day-trip destination this summer and couple it with a stop into the Detroit Historical Museum.

cindy stubbs

Beautiful photos and great site. I came here from AW.


Jimmy-That sounds like a great day trip. The Paradise Valley recreation reminded me a bit of the Detroit Historical Museum's Streets of Detroit exhibit (always my favorite from the time I was a kid).

Cindy-Thanks for stopping by! I barely got these shots in on a dreary winter day before it started raining. Hopefully I can get back sometime on a sunnier day to take more photos, as the gold on the masks really stands out with the sunlight glinting off of them.


Great post! I will have to expand my horizons a bit beyond the DIA next time I'm doing museums in downtown. You've definitely inspired me to check it out before I leave Michigan in the fall.


Brandon-The Wright museum is definitely worth a visit. It's so close to the DIA, that you can park in the same lot for both.
We've had a membership at the Wright for quite some time now (Tim did some graduate work at Wayne in history, taking several classes in African/American subjects for his minor...which is how we came to visit the first time), and the newsletters always seem full of interesting events and exhibits at the museum.

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