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February 17, 2009


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Cindy L

We do have some wonderful parks here in Michigan! I am always on the lookout for new places to ride bicycles and avoid traffic. Dodge Park is a recent discovery, and relatively close to home for easy riding. Can't wait till spring!


I'll have to check out Dodge Park for bike riding.
While it's not a state park, Hudson Mills Metropark out near Ann Arbor is a great place for riding your bicycle. I love riding the relatively flat, three-mile loop around the park. We'll take a lunch or snack with us and stop along the way by the river, where I usually can't resist wading if it's warm weather.


Ah, I'm envious. I love camping and hiking.

Oh, and the cake also sounds great. :)



It's been a loooong time since I camped! I'm hoping to get a little more bike riding in this summer, though. Got to do something to work of the cake, right?


Home in Michigan, I was close to two great parks. Seven Lakes and Holly Recreation Area. And in the thumb, we were two miles from Sleeper State Park.

The parks in Maine do NOT compare to the gems in Michigan, from the amenities, to the cost.

Thanks for the reminder. I think I will have my own celebration in honor of them. And I get to choose the cake! :)


We use Proud Lake SP a bit here for canoeing. Some of my favorites include, no surprise, the parks with lighthouses like Ludington SP and Leelanau SP.

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