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January 02, 2009


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Love the butterfly picture. And I like how you mentioned about supporting zoos by getting membership. I'm a big believer in that as well.


You have some great photos there, especially that butterfly shot - it's a challenge when animals don't sit still as you'd like.

Heading North After Naptime

Thos pictures are absolutely beautiful! I can never get butterfly shots like that!

Dominique King

Carolina-We're big on memberships, we've got them to nearly every museum/park/whatever around town. The advantage for us at a lot of places like the zoo or the historical outdoor museum Greenfield Village @ The Henry Ford is being able to just pop in for an hour or so on any given day to take a few photos without paying the full admission price every time. It's also about supporting the historical/cultural life of the area and encouraging us to go see some of the great sites we have around town more often.

Heather-I think these shots came from one of the days we managed to get a monopod into the building with us. Otherwise, I'm just reduced to taking a deep breath and holding it as I take the shot...hoping to still my camera a bit that way...and hoping the subject sits there long enough for me to get the photo!

Jen-I was just lucky that day!

Soul Travelers3

Beautiful! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. Yeah, I understand, it is hard to be on everything. ;) I put photos on twitpic as a time saver.

I am still trying to catch up here as we at quite a whirl wind world tour this year at a faster pace that I am used to. Spain is where we catch up.

I also want to comments on other photo Friday blogs, but some are really hard to comment on, so that usually stops me.


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