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January 16, 2009


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Looks like a beautiful, peaceful place to take a walk, so I bet it was a bit disappointing to find that many people. But hey, still great pictures.

Angela Nickerson

That is really cool! The added visitors made for some incredible photos.


I like that shot of the modern and historic side by side. They do re-enactments of a historic battle at Edge hill where I was staying after Christmas, although I've never been to one.


Sad to think that horrible things took place in such beautiful countryside.


I love the first photo, especially. Besides the photos' merits, as I watch the snow fall outside and know that it's about 20 degrees out there, they also give me hope that Spring isn't too many months away!

--Brandon, www.urbaneblog.com

Dominique King

Carolina-the day was still a success because we caught a couple of caches in a nearby cemetery, plus we had the bonus of seeing part of the reenactment that we wouldn't have gone to on our own. Meanwhile, there will still be caches to find in the park next spring!

Angela-It was kind of cool. The setting really was perfect for the reenactment.

Heather-I usually spend a bit of time trying to make sure a lot of extraneous posts, poles, electrical wires don't make it into my photos...nothing worse than taking a perfectly nice photo to get it home and realize the person in the portrait you took has a plant growing out of their head or something equally as out-of-place. But this particularly juxtaposition struck me as being the photo in and of itself.

Brandon-I'm kind of happy to see some nice snow on the ground. We live behind a park and it looks like we can -finally- enjoy cross country skiing back there this week.
Meanwhile, it was a beautiful fall day when I took these photos. This was the first time we'd really been out to Wolcott Mill Park, and I'm thinking it will be a great place to go back to come those warm spring days :)

Jen@Heading North After Naptime

How cool! My history buff husband would have been in heaven. One of our fav places to visit in the US was Williamsburg because there are so many reenactments!

Soul Travelers3

Cool! They use to do these near where we lived in Santa Cruz in a place called Roaring Camp. We could walk to it and loved experiencing it! The people who do it REALLY get into it! ;)

Dominique King

Jen-Yup, your husband would have liked this! It was fun because we literally just stumbled upon this, so it was an unexpected bonus that day.

Soul3-Roaring Camp looks like fun (I looked it up with Google). It looks a little like the narrow gauge railroad trip I took from Durango, Colorado with my parents to a mining town.


There weren't any real Civil War battles in Michigan, were there? So these were reenacters of the Michigan contingents?

We have a battery nearby that goes from place to place with their horse-pulled cannons and joins others from the 1st Minnesota regiment.

Dominique King

Linda-I'm not aware of any Civil War action here in Michigan. These folks were recreating actions that took place in WV if I'm remembering correctly.

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