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January 09, 2009


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Ooohh, now I need to listen to some Motown on the way to work this morning. Perfect for Friday, it's been a looong week.
Cool pictures, cool music thanks for sharing.

Nancy from Ciao Bambino

Now I have to go put on "She's a Brick House." Great pictures to loosen us up for the weekend!

Dominique King

Carolina-If you like Motown, you'd definitely love seeing the Motown Museum...check out my story at http://tinyurl.com/77385z
And seeing the Funk Brothers--Motown's legendary session musicians--in person was an experience neither Tim or I will soon forget...that story is at http://tinyurl.com/7hbm7g
I expect lots of events around here as Motown's 50th anniversary officially kicks off next week.

Nancy--great song :)
I was really in a musical mood this week with the Motown posts...and decided to show a little love for some other Detroit-based artists. Detroit has so much musical talent and history...even beyond the Motown label!

Meg (Backpack to Buggy)

Very cool. Only once a year?

Soul Travelers3

Cool, looks like fun! I was born and raised my first 10 years in Michigan, so you brought back some fun Motown memories!

Dominique King

Meg-The Festival of the Arts is an annual (usually) three-day event. I much preferred it when they did it in early September, but they switched it to early/mid June...lots more competition for my time then, so it's more difficult to make it to one or more days of the fest.
The Concert of Colors is another annual three-day music fest..this one in July, and we make it a point to plan our summer trips around it. We do all of the days for that one, and always manage to bring home at least one or two new CDs from artists we discover at the shows. I'll do some posts about the CofC as time for it draws nearer.

Soul3-Were you in the Detroit area?\
Oh, be sure to check out my other Motown posts from earlier this week. Lots of Motown coverage in the local newspapers this week, too. Free Press http://tinyurl.com/8sq594

Jen @ Heading North After Naptime

I love attending music festivals...we love to pack a lunch (if we can bring food in!), bring a blanket and grab a spot to sit and listen to the great music!

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