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December 05, 2008


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That hallway must be huge! So big and beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Angela Nickerson

Great photos! :)


Very cool building! I love the third picture...I always forget to take pictures from a perspective like that when I am out and about!


Thanks for reminding me to pay attention to perspective for building photos.

Dominique King

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

The Fisher's hallway is impressive. Three stories high...and the barrel vaulted ceilings give it a real cathedral feel.
The painting on the ceilings was beautiful, but difficult to get a decent photo of because of the dim lighting (I did have one of those with the original story I did here about the Fisher).

I do love taking photos of buildings from strange perspectives. I think I started doing that when I took photos at places like the Fisher where getting a decent photo of the exterior might be difficult because of surrounding buildings, light poles, etc. I think I've mentioned it here before, but one of my favorite things when we're crossing a cool bridge is to make Tim drive so I can pop open the sun roof in car and shoot photos straight up into the structure. And the one photo I took in Paris that I bothered to print, enlarge and frame was one that I shot straight up into the lighted Effiel Tower at night.


Wow, I love that third picture ... it really makes me feel like I'm right there looking up.

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