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December 26, 2008


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How cool! I will have to drive by our lighthouse and see if they decorated it for the holiday! That is a beautiful lighthouse...is it still a working one?


I love lighthouses! They are so romantic and picturesque. As a non-Midwesterner I find it surprising to see one so far from the sea but I guess the great lakes are like mini-seas.


Very nice - lovely pictures. I'm also a lighthouse fan.

kat calvin

Dominique! Email me with your email address, I want to send you some info about a travel writer's contest!


I love the idea of documenting the places you love at different times of the year! Thanks so much for sharing.

Rachel Burton

I love how it's decorated for the holidays! What a beautiful spot.

Dominique King

Jen-Yes, Marblehead still has a working, automated beacon. There are a couple of links in the early blog post I referenced in this post that tell more about the light and its history.

Caitlin-The Great Lakes have a lot of lighthouses. I know the number of Great Lakes lights is well in excess of 100...and many of them as pretty and picturesque as Marblehead.

Mara-We're lucky we live close enough to the lakes to visit a lot of the lights.
Marblehead happens to be one of the closest lighthouses for us (a couple hours away from here), so it's possible to even go out there for an afternoon at the spur of the moment.

Kat-I'm sending an email today :)

Debbie-I wish I could more easily get up to some of the lighthouses in northern Michigan in the winter. I'd love to have four-season photos of places like Pointe Betsie (near Frankfort, MI) or Copper Harbor (waaayy up in Michigan's U.P.).

Rachel-I love just going out to Marblehead and sitting on one of the big rocks by the shore. A great place to people watch or just meditate during the summer. I love driving down there over the colder months, because it's such a pretty spot whatever the season.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Amy @ The Q Family

Very beautiful picture of the lighthouse.

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