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November 21, 2008


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I had trouble figuring out how to post pics for ages to my blogs. but once you do it, you want all your posts to be pics.
that is a truly beautiful place, i especially love the mosiac.
Photo Friday: Rock Climbing in Costa Rica


Wow, what lovely place; nice images, Dominique. If we're ever out that way I'm putting this museum on our "to see" list.


That mosaic is so beautiful, love the colours, they lift the spirits.

Rachel Burton

Our duplex where we live off/on in Dearborn is right around the corner from there. I always drive by that building and wonder what it's like inside. Awesome photos!


Thanks for visiting, everyone!


Yup, posts do seem to be much better when you have photos. Tim always makes fun of the "Still lifes" I create when I don't have a photo handy--I'll take photos of ticket stubs, program books, hockey pucks, whatever--just to add a little visual interest to a post.


We originally went to the museum because we knew they had an exhibit of photos from Concert of Colors (a world music fest we go to every year). We were pleasantly surprised with how interesting the entire museum turned out to be. As I said in my original blog post about the museum, it really emphasized the immigrant experience.


I loved the mosaics and just had to try capturing at least a bit of their beauty. That photo was taken of a wall just outside of a ladies rest room in the museum. I found all sorts of interesting architectural and decor details in some of the most surprising places there!


The building doesn't look like much from the outside, does it?
We were surprised when we walked in and saw the beautiful interiors.
We had a great talk with the woman working the gift store that day, too. She helped us pick out a cookbook and gave us what turned out to be a good tip about an Arabic bakery nearby (if you're curious, click on "Dearborn" in my topic cloud and the article about the museum, and an article about the bakery and a nearby Indian restaurant where we ate that day, should turn up).


Beautiful! Reminds me of the years I spent living in Kuwait. A few of my friends' mothers were from Michigan (married to Kuwaitis) and I knew there was a large Arab-American community in Michigan.

The Arabic bakery you mention has me salivating!


Beautiful. I spent about 6 months in the Mideast travellling around and your shots make me sort of homesick, in a weird way. Especially because they are in the States! Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
: )

Rachel Burton

Oops. I was actually thinking of the Islamic Center of America on Ford Road (which is pretty impressive from the outside!) I'll check out the Dearborn post. The thing I miss most when I'm gone is the amazing Middle Eastern food you can get there!

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