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November 13, 2008


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kat calvin

I love that they're doing the 37/11 thing! If I wasn't a law student I would sign up... Great post!


The DSO does a few free performances each year. I know they were out at the metroparks (Stony and Kensington) in the Detroit area doing free concerts in the past. They've also performed at the Concert of Colors the past couple of years (and that's a free festival).

I do love that the DSO has really made a concerted effort to present different types of music and appeal to a larger audience. As I said on another forum, it's not your grandparents' symphony...there's something for everyone!

Rachel Burton

I've always wanted to go to the DSO, and that Concert of Colors looks really cool. Thanks for the great article!


The Concert of Colors is a must-do if you love music...especially a variety different types of music. We've discovered so many musical artists at the CofC that we would never otherwise heard. I always come away with at least one CD from the festival each year...and usually more!
I'll blog about the fest next summer f'sure.


Hi Kat - no reason you can't sign up as a law student for 37/11. As long as you are between 18 and 37, you are welcome. The launch party this saturday night is going to be a lot of fun, so definitely check it out. Also, all students, regardless of age, can get $5 tickets to DSO concerts through the end of November for only $5, so definitely take advantage of that, as well.

BTW, Dominique, from the folks here at the DSO, thank you for a great post.




Thanks go to the DSO for giving us some great musical memories!

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