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October 17, 2008


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Pretty! I love those blues!

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)

Absolutely gorgeous!
I love cobalt glass!


This is a lovely image, and my very favorite shade of blue. Nicely done.

Meg (B2B)

Beautiful. I love blue glass too.

Debbie Dubrow

what a beautiful vignette. I wish I had the eye to do something like this in my own home.


The inn's owner had several vignettes like this on the stairway landing sills. They caught my eye because they were so well done.
I took another photo of one in green, but the blue bottles were my best shot.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


I love this photo. I am also a great lover of coloured glass... always have been. When I lived in Mexico I had some coloured bottles on my window sills and one of my very favourite things was watching our cat Meelo moving carefully between the bottles.

Angela Nickerson

That is a gorgeous photo! Don't you just love the way glass looks in the sunlight. Beautiful work! And the blue... gorgeous!


I love blue everything, glass, ceramics, sea, sky. Nice photo.

In Bristol Blue glass is a speciality


Rachel Burton

The color play in the photo is gorgeous. And I love the idea of photo Friday. I might have to institute it in my neck of the woods...


Great picture - thanks for posting! And also for the tip on Jacob's Hill Inn. It looks great - just as an inn should be.


The lighting was what probably caught my eye when I took this photo. It was just heading towards dusk, and the bottles were backlit pretty perfectly. I literally just stopped on the landing as I was heading downstairs, zoomed in and shot the photo. I love it when things work out like that :)


I'm so glad you left a comment at my blog and decided to come to yours to return the favor, and what a beautiful picture greets me! I love blue glass (and all kinds of blue and white porcelain).

Very lovely photos on your posts - I'll be a frequent guest!

Caitlin (Roaming Tales)


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