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August 07, 2008


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marsha mcgregor

Congratulations on the excellent blog, Dominique!! Marsha McGregor (Ohio)


Hi Dominique! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have been dying to visit this museum since I first got to Ann Arbor, it's definitely on my list for this year. I'm glad I discovered your blog, now that I've finished my first year of law school I can start looking for fun things to do in Michigan that don't involve the library!



Thanks for checking this out, Marsha.

I'll have some more Ohio articles posted in coming weeks!



The museum was definitely worthwhile. Meanwhile, check out the post I'm uploading tomorrow--a story about our mean at an East Indian restaurant and a visit to an Arabic bakery, both quite near the AANM.

Thanks for stopping by!

Janey Davis

Hi Dominique!Greetings from Ohio! I was so happy to get your blog address via Sally. I always enjoy your writing. Maybe someday you'll post your Graceland piece. We are
all busy, especially Amy (she retired you know!) If you are ever coming to the Canton area let us know and we can get together (and NOT go to the Hall of Fame).


Janey-Thanks for stopping by! Say 'hi' to everyone down Canton way.

I'm doing some more Ohio articles soon for sure...I'll have to think on the Graceland thing :)

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