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September 18, 2009


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Lanora @WritingTravel

What wonderful images! Love the reflected texture in the first shot.


Very cool cars and even cooler pictures! I have been tearing through Clive Cussler books the past months and the protagonist has a car like this! Very neat to actually see one!


Beautiful, Dominique. Love the photo of the interior - that must have been a difficult one to capture.

Glennia /The Silent I

Wow! Sensational photos. Looks like a great place to visit.

Heather on her travels

It looks very Scott F Fitzgerald - can I be a beautiful person in the blue one?


Those cars are beautiful, you did a really good job capturing the details and shine of the cars in the photos!


Lanora-Once I noticed the reflected images on the shiny car surfaces, I spent a ton of time trying to get some decent shots! This was one of my favorites.

Jen-Yup, these cars are just the thing you'd imagine a lot of fictional heroes driving! They really are beautiful in person, too.

Wanderluster-Yes, the lighting was a little tough to deal with in some places. Flash wasn't really an option at all...way too much glare or just washed out the colors too much.

Glennia-I love this museum. We've been down there several times, and I never tire of visiting.

Heather-F. Scott Fitzgerald...yup! I've got some books here about the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg cars--with lots of photos of the Hollywood stars with these great cars. Maybe starring in something Fitzgerald wrote? :)
Come back Tuesday--I've got a story going up about Frank Lloyd Wright and his cars...with pictures of a couple that were on display at the museum!

maria-I took tons of photos, so I'm glad a few of them turned out well.

Sarah V.

Great pictures! I LOVE Art Deco. Looking forward to your story on Frank Lloyd Wright...before I became a stay-at-home mom, I taught art/architectural history.

Bridget Smith

Wow! Such a contrast to the automotive museum here in San Diego. It's just a big warehouse with alot of cars.

I am amazed at how the building compliments the cars!

Shelly (Travels with Baby)

I had no idea such a place existed! This is very cool--and what nice photos! The cars are great, but the light fixtures are spectacular! :-)


I'm not a car person, but I do like the look of the classics. And as always, the photos are fantastic.


Even someone who isn't a car buff can't help but be taken aback by the beauty of the classics. Great shots!


I love art deco and these pictures.


we've not been yet, although we drive right past the exit when we go to visit my MIL. that first photo is incredible.


Sarah-The Frank Lloyd Wright connection was fascinating to me...I hope you find it interesting, too!

Bridget-The building was the original showroom for these cars, so it's no surprise that it really showcases them so well. The great thing is that a preservation group managed to acquire and restore the building to its original beauty.

Shelly-The light fixtures were really cool--did you see the shot I had of them in yesterday's post about the museum?

Gypsy-These cars appeal to the romantic in us, I think. So elegant! I can just see the 1930s movie stars behind the wheel of some of these cars, can't you?

Sharlene-This is a great museum for car buffs, but it has plenty of appeal for those who aren't that into cars. These vehicles, and the building itself, are just so beautiful.

Carolina-Thanks! The Art Deco styling of this museum is so nicely restored, too.

Jessie-You really should stop and check the museum out. We've been several times, and I never tire of visiting.


Being a huge old movie buff, that *was* exactly the image in my head. :)


Gypsy-I've got some books here at home that I bought at the museum on previous trips...lots of photos of the classic stars with these cars!

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